COVID-19 update

It is with deep regret that we have made the decision to close Enve Canine Services training classes from Sun 22nd March, until further notice. Although it is still safe to go outside and exercise your dog we need to be morally and socially responsible and echo the government message to stay home and avoid unnecessary social contact to reduce the burden on our NHS. We cannot be seen to be encouraging people otherwise. Your health is important to us and we wouldn’t want to be responsible for any one of you falling ill as a result of attending our classes - we would never forgive ourselves. We also need to think of our instructors and to protect our loved ones. 

To say we are gutted is an understatement. There have been
lots of tears over this decision. We will miss each and every one of you. It
brings a period of financial uncertainty for us too which is worrying to say
the least but we hope that we will be back up and running as soon as possible.
The next courses are scheduled for the end of April and we will continue to aim
for those. A month is a long time and we should have a better picture by then
what’s going on in this crazy world we are living in. 

Stay safe, look after yourselves and keep up the training.
We are still here at the end of an email or the phone should you have any
problems or questions. Emma is going to try to film some trick training and
other bits and pieces you can have a go at whilst classes are on hold. We will
upload them to our Facebook page and (hopefully!) the website. Don’t forget
us!! We will get in touch ahead of the April courses with an update. Thank you
for your understanding and we hope to see you very soon. 

Stay safe and we will see you on the other side.

Lots of love, 

Emma, Ve and all the Enve team

New for February 2020 - a new venue and introducing canine hoopers

Enve Canine Services are excited to announce that we have secured a new venue at Lillyroo’s Glamping site in Deal. We will be offering group puppy, obedience and hoopers training classes starting on Thursday 27th February 2020 (limited spaces available). This extends our coverage to 5 sites, 6 days a week. Canine hoopers, an exciting new discipline to Enve, is a fun, fast, low impact sport similar to agility but with ground level hoops instead of jumps. It is suitable for all ages and breeds and those with medical conditions where jumping is precluded. Canine hoopers works on distance handling thus building a stronger relationship with the handler and improving overall obedience. Classes will be taught by our friendly, qualified instructor, Pauline. Initially courses will run on Thursdays in blocks of 5 weeks, one hour lessons, term time only, for £60 a course. For further information or to book a space please get in touch via the enquiry form

Spot the difference! Two GSD, two Gold II awards!

Following on from her Gold II award with Ziva in May 2019, Gina (our Canine Behaviour Practitioner) makes it a double with the beautiful Astra passing her Gold II in October 2019. This made Astra the 25th dog to pass this level since we started in 2010 and Gina the 3rd owner to get two dogs to Gold II. Congratulations!! Question is, will she make it a hattrick?!

Gold Award

Back in December we awarded our 24th Gold Award since we were established in 2010 and this one was a little special. I first met Hannah, Luke and Ozzy on a 1:1 appointment. Ozzy was very dog reactive and his owners despairing. They had tried another trainer and nothing seemed to work. We implemented a training plan and got them into classes. It has been a long, bumpy road of blood, sweat and tears with many highs and some lows but Hannah has never given up. Ozzy has progressed through his bronze, silver and now gold awards, he has doggie friends, no longer has to be muzzled in class and loves nothing better than a good off lead run on the agility. It is a hard enough task to get to Gold II as it is but with a reactive dog it is even more impressive. It was with great pride that we were able to present them with their Gold Award and look forward to continuing to see them in class.

Exciting news for 2020

Wishing all
of our clients past, present and future a very merry Christmas and a happy and
healthy new year. 

2019 has again been a fun, busy and successful ninth year in business for us. We thank all of you for your custom, friendship and support. 2020 brings our tenth year trading and as a result we have some new, exciting projects in the pipeline (or should we say tunnel!) We have a brand new agility set on order meaning weekday lessons will soon be featuring agility and we have already taken delivery of some amazing, new, larger bore tunnels to make agility even more accessible to those larger than average breeds! Keep your eyes peeled (and nostrils open) for some smelly news early in 2020. A new weekday venue will shortly be announced plus something you will be going loopy (or should that be hoopy) for!!!! We are very excited to be able to expand our services to give a much wider variety of activities for you and your dogs next year. We look forward to seeing you all in 2020. 

Gold Award!

We are delighted to announce that Karen and Henry (supported by husband John) have become the 23rd combination, since Enve Canine Services was established in 2010, to be awarded with their Gold II. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to reach this award. Congratulations!

Gold Awards!

Congratulations to Gina and her German Shepherd Ziva for becoming the 21st combination to achieve their Gold II award. They were closely followed only a couple of days later by Paul with his gorgeous boxer Tosh, the 22nd combination to reach this standard since Enve Canine Services started in 2010. Both Gina and Paul have been attending the weekday classes since they started in January 2017 and are the first weekday clients to achieve the prestigious Gold II standard. As you can see both Ziva and Tosh were very interested in their certificates - just checking we had spelt their names correctly! Congratulations to you both!!

Loyal customers

It's been with a mixture of emotions that we have seen some returning clients to class just recently. These are clients that trained puppies/dogs with us 10 years ago when we first started this business. It has been lovely to see familiar faces and catch up on the changes in the last 10 years however there has been sadness in the realisation that those original puppies/dogs who helped to found our business have lived their entire lives and passed over the rainbow bridge.

One of the clients we have happily welcomed back are Jill and Len who trained their cocker spaniel Berty with us in 2010 (pictured below). They have recently returned to us to train their new cocker spaniel Monty (aged 5 months pictured above). This is what they had to say about their experience with Enve:

Hi Emma and Ve,

Just to thank you for all the help and advice you gave me in puppy training with Monty. Although I did it all for a very long time with our previous  cocker Berty, you tend to forget and get into bad habits. So, thank you, it has really helped and Monty is so good off lead and recall now and you gave me the confidence to do it. Thank you once again.

Love Jill and Monty  xx

Berty aged 9 months

Gold Award for Suzy and Bear

Congratulations to Instructor Suzy for achieving her Gold II award with Bear.  They are only the 20th combination to reach this standard since Enve Canine Services started in 2010. It takes a lot of hard work and practice to pass the Gold II test. One of the hardest elements is a 10 minute out of sight stay - exactly as it sounds, the handler has to leave the dog in a stay and go out of sight for 10 minutes and they cannot move. Bear really struggled with this exercise to start with but with Suzy's dedication, hard work and lots and lots of practice they got there. Congratulations!!

Gold Awards!

Better late than never! Back in July instructors Emma and her 12month old GSP Luca and Pauline with her labrador Buster became the 18th and 19th combinations respectively to achieve their Enve Gold II Awards since Enve Canine Services first started in 2010. Belated congratulations to you both!! Who is going to get that coveted 20th Gold II spot?! Watch this space …….