This is the fourth instructional video from the series we hope to share whilst we are all in isolation due to COVID-19. It uses the luring technique that we introduced in the previous video. Luring is used to teach the dog to go around or wrap around an obstacle. It is a skill used in the canine sport of hoopers that Pauline teaches at our Deal venue on a Thursday. It is a fun exercise that is easy to do in your home or garden. All is explained in the video and your challenge is to train your dog to wrap around an object and to then increase your distance so you are sending them away from you to wrap around it. See how far away you can get. Good luck! Luca and I will see how far we can get from the obstacle – see if you can beat us!
PS Feel free to send me your videos by whats app or email (for some reason I cannot save or upload them from facebook/messenger) and I will upload them.