Back in December we awarded our 24th Gold Award since we were established in 2010 and this one was a little special. I first met Hannah, Luke and Ozzy on a 1:1 appointment. Ozzy was very dog reactive and his owners despairing. They had tried another trainer and nothing seemed to work. We implemented a training plan and got them into classes. It has been a long, bumpy road of blood, sweat and tears with many highs and some lows but Hannah has never given up. Ozzy has progressed through his bronze, silver and now gold awards, he has doggie friends, no longer has to be muzzled in class and loves nothing better than a good off lead run on the agility. It is a hard enough task to get to Gold II as it is but with a reactive dog it is even more impressive. It was with great pride that we were able to present them with their Gold Award and look forward to continuing to see them in class.