Since Enve Canine Services was established in 2010 only 9 clients have achieved the full Gold award showing how difficult this is to achieve. It combines the highest level of obedience, complicated agility sequences and a comprehensive owner knowledge test.

Gold Award Roll of Honour:

  • Enve Gold I Andy and Boz
  • Enve Gold II Sylvie and Roxy
  • Enve Gold III Jan and Ady with Maggie
  • Enve Gold IV Tamara and Mark with Molly
  • Enve Gold V Paul and Dexter
  • Enve Gold VI Tracey and Alice
  • Enve Gold VII Bobbie and Timba
  • Enve Gold VIII Josie and Sabre
  • Emve Gold IX Ady and Molly
  • Enve Gold X ……could this be you?!