It was with great pleasure that we awarded two very special Gold II awards at the end of our first course back after lockdown. The first was to Angela and Tasker who became the 29th combination to achieve this award in the 11 years we have been trading. This also marked the completion of Angela’s instructor training and we are delighted to welcome her to Enve team.

The second was to Sally, Jeremy and Castro who have been with us for nearly our entire Enve journey, from his first puppy class on 27th July 2013 to his Gold II award in 2021. A great example of perseverance and dedication. Castro claims the 30th spot. All our Gold II owners are presented with a polo shirt with their Enve Gold number on in Roman numerals. Castro is Enve Gold XXX. This makes me chuckle as it makes me think of the Vin Diesel movie XXX and the crazy action stunts and this really reminds me of some of the mischief Castro got up to in his younger days. Love him.

Please join us in congratulating them all.