Lockdown 3 – here we go again!


Here we are again and what can we say. Apologies it’s taken a couple of days to write this update we have been waiting for trading standards and government guidance to be updated.  Both of us are feeling  miserable but really wanted to compose something positive.

This pandemic has been really hard on our small business and being able to reopen in a small way in December, seeing everyone’s (dogs and humans) happiness at being back at class, doing what we love again has meant that this has hit harder than November’s lockdown – especially with no clear end in sight. We are on the right path though and we have to have faith in the vaccination program and that spring 2021 has brighter prospects. We know that with your continued support we can come back in the spring and pick up where we left off. One bonus is at least the weather will be warmer and drier!! We stay home now to protect each other so that when we do get back together, everyone is there.

As per government guidelines group classes and 1:1 appointments are on hold for the foreseeable future. Neither are permissible by law in the current lockdown. You can still support us though by ordering your dog treats from us instead of picking them up from the supermarket with your shopping ( https://www.envecanineservices.co.uk/finer-by-nature-catalogue/ ) or treating your dog to a tug toy from us instead of ordering online (https://www.envecanineservices.co.uk/toys-and-other-equipment/ ).

In addition we have our online course, Good Dog Level 1 for anyone new, waiting to join us with puppies or adult dogs. This is a basic obedience, 6 week course with daily videos. These easy to follow videos introduce exercises on loose lead walking, sit stay, recall, leave and much, much more. Now is the perfect opportunity to crack on with this course in the comfort of your own home, garden and on your daily walks. By the time group training courses reopen you will have a strong foundation in training techniques and your dog will have a baseline understanding of what is expected. You will be perfectly ready to then take your training to the next level at group lessons adding in the distraction of the environment, people and other dogs. You’ll be amazed at the difference that practicing daily can make. As well as lifetime access to the course, you will have support from us via email and a dedicated Facebook group. For more information please see https://www.envecanineservices.co.uk/online-training-courses/

Stay safe everyone and as always if you need anything during the lockdown please do not hesitate to get in touch. Look forward to seeing you all as soon as we are allowed.


Emma, Ve and the rest of the Enve team.


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