At the final Saturday session of training classes we held on 22nd March, ahead of the first lockdown, we awarded not one but two Gold II awards – both to Labradors! This post to congratulate those receiving the awards got somehow missed in amongst all of the covid-19 drama! I do apologise.

The first was to our Ve and Mia who became the 26th pair to be awarded Gold II, closely followed by Iain with the lovely Gill who were the 28th combination.

But, hang on I hear you say, you’ve gotten that wrong – you have missed number 27. I haven’t – the 27th spot was taken by one of our St Nicholas clients, Paul with his gorgeous Vizsla Milo, who snuck in between the two labs. Milo was Paul’s second Gold II award having already taken the 22nd spot with his boxer Tosh making Paul the 4th person to get two dogs to Gold II – well done! (I unfortunately don’t have a photo of Paul and Milo).