It’s been with a mixture of emotions that we have seen some returning clients to class just recently. These are clients that trained puppies/dogs with us 10 years ago when we first started this business. It has been lovely to see familiar faces and catch up on the changes in the last 10 years however there has been sadness in the realisation that those original puppies/dogs who helped to found our business have lived their entire lives and passed over the rainbow bridge.

One of the clients we have happily welcomed back are Jill and Len who trained their cocker spaniel Berty with us in 2010 (pictured below). They have recently returned to us to train their new cocker spaniel Monty (aged 5 months pictured above). This is what they had to say about their experience with Enve:

Hi Emma and Ve,

Just to thank you for all the help and advice you gave me in puppy training with Monty. Although I did it all for a very long time with our previous  cocker Berty, you tend to forget and get into bad habits. So, thank you, it has really helped and Monty is so good off lead and recall now and you gave me the confidence to do it. Thank you once again.

Love Jill and Monty  xx

Berty aged 9 months