To round off 2023 we are pleased to announce six more Gold II Awards.

The 50th combination to pass this prestigious award were Nathalie and Rita who train at Minster on a Saturday. Rita has overcome anxiety and reactivity towards other dogs, making this award very special.

Joining Rita are classmates Lisa with Frankie who took the 53rd spot. Frankie started in our puppy classes and Lisa has worked so hard to bring him through all of the levels.

Both dogs have moved onto our advanced challenge class and Nathalie has started a second journey to Gold with new puppy Vivienne!

The 51st combination to pass their Gold II were Jess and Sunday who train on a Monday. Sunday also started in our puppy classes and absolutely loves her training.

Following closely on their heels were Tracey and Maximus who also train on a Monday. Maximus is incredibly intelligent and he is an absolute credit to all of Tracey’s hard work.

The 54th combination to pass were Kevin and Rosa. When Kevin started training Rosa with us, she had no recall to the point of being dangerous off lead but they worked tirelessly to change that around and she now lives a fulfilling life running around off lead doing spaniel things!

And to our final combination of 2023, Lynne with Darcey who train at Thanington on a Sunday. Darcey was a lockdown puppy whose socialisation was limited due to the pandemic but Lynne has worked so hard to socialise and train her and thoroughly deserves this Gold II award.

Please join us in congratulating all of these combinations. To reach Gold II takes a lot of dedication and hard work and we couldn’t be prouder of each and everyone of them.


Thank you to all of our clients that have supported us in 2023. Here’s to an even better 2024.

Happy New Year!