Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read and understood the COVID-19 rules and standard Terms and Conditions below before you accept a place on a course. Acceptance of a course space or attendance signifies your acceptance of the COVID-19 rules and standard Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

These COVID-19 rules are applicable for courses from 1st August 2020 in conjunction with our standard terms and conditions which you will find below.


  • Please do not attend if you are suffering from symptoms of COVID-19, have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or have been asked to self isolate by Track & Trace.
  • Please remember to socially distance from each other. There is plenty of space to maintain a 2m distance from other people. It is critical to our reputation that members of the public see we are social distancing and have no reason to report otherwise. Instructors want to be teaching you and your dogs, not policing social distance.
  • All course payments will need to be made in advance of the session by bank transfer. We will no longer accept cheques. We would prefer to handle no cash at all. If you are unable to bank transfer personally please see if a family member will do it for you. If this is not possible we will accept cash (correct amount in an envelope sealed with Sellotape – not licked please!)
  • In the event of a local lockdown no refunds will be made. Any credit will be carried over to the start up of the next available training course.
  • Finer by nature treats will still be available to purchase however, there will no longer be the opportunity to browse. A page will be added to our website showing the products and their prices. Orders will need to be made by email to envecanineservices@hotmail.co.uk . You will then be sent an invoice which is to be paid by BACS. Your treats will be available to collect at your training session.
  • Records of attendance will be kept alongside your personal details on the registration forms for Track and Trace.
  • To avoid areas of congregation there will be no reception area, no seating and no refreshments provided. As it is summer please make sure you bring your own drinks to stay hydrated.
  • Only one person to attend per dog. No spectators please as we are limited in the number of people we are allowed on the field at any one time.
  • You will be responsible for bringing your own water bowl and water for your dog. We will have an emergency supply given it is summer but to avoid areas of congregation we ask that you take responsibility for your own dog.
  • Minster – arrival to the training area will be from the bottom end of the car park near the skate park. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before class and do not congregate. At the end of class please leave the training field promptly from the top end near the adult outdoor gym equipment. There will be no opportunity for personal queries at the end of class, please send by email or phone if there is something specific you need to talk to us about.
  • Thanington – arrival to the training area will be via the car park near the disabled parking spaces. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before class and do not congregate. At the end of class please leave the training field promptly to the carpark via the pathway between the building and childrens play area. There will be no opportunity for personal queries at the end of class, please send by email or phone if there is something specific you need to talk to us about.
  • All dogs in the training area are to be on lead. If you choose to exercise your dog off lead pre or post class please do so well away from the training area. We need to remove the risk of breaching social distancing from having to retrieve wayward, excited dogs!
  • As much as we would normally love you to help us set up, pack up or right fallen jumps we have to ask that you do not touch equipment if possible.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided on site however, if you prefer you can bring your own.
  • Toilet facilities are open at both sites. Signs will be in place explaining the procedure for use.
  • As much as we love to receive gifts, the kind left behind in black bags at the end of class are not particularly appreciated! Please make sure that you remove your own rubbish and poo bags at the end of class and dispose of appropriately.


Course Fees

  • All clients are offered the opportunity of a trial lesson and payment is required in advance (deposit) or on the day for that trial lesson. There is no obligation to return after the trial lesson. Once the trial is completed the remainder of the course fee is due on or before attendance at the second lesson.
  • Subsequent courses must be paid for in full in advance or on week 1 of the course.
  • Weekly payments are not normally accepted.
  • If you are having trouble paying, please speak to Emma or Ve.
  • If you start mid-course, fees will be amended pro rata.
  • Payment can be made in cash or by bank transfer.
  • If you change your mind prior to commencement of the course, then you must notify us of cancellation prior to the course start date. If notice of cancellation is received prior to the course start date any deposit/course fee paid will be refunded. Once the course has started no refunds will be made for cancellation.


Refund policy

  • Course fees are non-refundable and non-transferable other than under the conditions stated below (or exceptional circumstances at Enve Canine Services discretion).
  • Partial refunds / credits for missed classes will not be given. Please notify us beforehand if you are unable to attend a class. It may be possible to make up the missed session on another day/at a different venue within the dates of the course. Missed sessions will not be carried forward to the next course.
  • In the event that Enve Canine Services cancel dog training classes or refuse attendance your lesson/course fee will be refunded or carried over to a future course. You will be notified of cancellation via the contact details given on your registration form with adequate notice. It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact details we hold are up to date and to check your email /texts /voicemails ahead of your class.
  1. Adverse Weather – Training will go ahead in all weather conditions (wind, torrential rain, snow etc) unless it is deemed by us as unsafe to travel.
  2. Sickness – Should illness mean that insufficient instructors are available to safely conduct lessons we reserve the right to cancel.
  3. Refusal – We reserve the right to refuse attendance of any dog or owner without giving reason.
  4. Medical grounds – Should a vet decide that the dog can no longer attend due to a medical condition that would be exacerbated by attending your course fee will be refunded on production of a letter from your vet.
  5. Insufficient numbers – In the unlikely event of insufficient interest being received meaning it is not feasible for the class to go ahead any deposit/course fee will be refunded and alternative/future course details provided.



  • We expect all clients to display reasonable, adult behaviour and be mindful of foul language.
  • We will not tolerate harsh handling.
  • Clients are responsible for picking up and disposing of your dog’s faeces in the dog bins provided.
  • All dogs should be kept on the lead in the training area unless directed to take them off lead by your instructor.
  • Please respect the personal space of dogs you do not know. Dogs attend training for many reasons, and some may be nervous. Please give each other space and do not crowd the reception desk.
  • Please follow the instructions given by the instructors at all times and do not use the agility equipment without an instructor present.
  • It is our policy that dogs with a bite history (animal or human) are muzzled whilst in attendance.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is fit and healthy and is not suffering from any infectious disease that could be transmitted to other dogs. If you are in any doubt about your dog’s health, please consult a veterinarian. Please notify Emma or Ve of any medical conditions which may affect your dog’s participation.
  • We strongly suggest that all dogs are vaccinated (or titre tested), treated for worms and fleas as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.
  • Please inform your instructor before your class starts if your bitch is in season. We do not exclude bitches in season.
  • All children should be supervised at all times and should not be allowed to approach dogs they do not know. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and healthy and not suffering from any condition which may be exacerbated by taking part in the training.
  • Any accidents or injuries involving a handler, or a dog must be reported immediately to the instructor.
  • We provide a safe and secure environment as practicably reasonable and endeavour to apply good practices with all our training services. We endeavour to run all classes in as safe and professional manner as possible. Enve Canine Services also takes all reasonable precautions when providing classes and instuction to minimise the risk of injury from being bitten. However remote, dog training is not without risk therefore participation in classes and 1:1 training is at the owner’s risk. Enve Canine Services and any persons acting on their behalf, will not accept responsibility for any loss, accident, injury, illness or damage to any persons, or dogs attending a course, or to their property howsoever caused during the provision of dog training activities.
  • Cars are parked at their owners’ own risk. We do not accept any responsibility for theft or damage to cars or property whilst at training.
  • Damage to property caused by you or your dog is your responsibility and must be paid for.
  • Owners are advised to have appropriate pet insurance cover that includes third party liability insurance. Enve Canine Services has public liability and relevant business insurance to run classes and provide 1:1 lessons, providing adequate cover for our business liabilities.